On 1.3 ha* of arable land we cultivate a wide variety of fine vegetables, like: salads, cabbage, spinach, beans, herbs, zucchini, kale etc. Heat-loving vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, spicy habaneros and eggplants we cultivate on an area of 0.2 ha* in unheated greenhouses. Besides, we have planted (approx.) 0.5 ha* of arable land with raspberries, currant, strawberries (we also have the service, come by and pick-your-own-berries), and our delicious apple juice comes from our orchards around Leonberg.

On fixed weekdays we bring your „Philadelphia organic crate“ to your home or office.

Master gardener Sebastian Soiné runs our Bioland® farm gardening. He already did his community service on the Philadelphia farm as the gardener.

Marijan works both in cultivation and marketing. He travelled a lot and lived in the USA for several years therefore he is predestined to serve our English-speaking clientele.

His main focus is on the office, where he work on our customers’ requests by telephone and e-mail.

We are very happy, that since March, Vanessa Hasenmüller is Sebastian’s apprentice and is becoming a vegetable-gardener.
Before, she was working on the farm as an FÖJ for 1,5 years.

Sebastian Soiné in the tomato oasis

Vanessa Hasenmüller in the farm shop