With the Philadelphia organic crate you could receive our freshly harvested fruit and vegetables in a seasonal composition. We are harvesting every day fresh goods for you and you can choose between a pure vegetable or a mixed crate. For lovers of raw-foodism we offer a variety of vegetables and fruit, which are especially suitable for salads, snacks etc. The raw-foodism crate also fits well to the break room at the office and the workshop.

If you`re breast feeding your baby right now or you want to cook a meal that is easy on the digestive system, will be the version “light foods/diet” crate particularly suitable for you because it only contains fruit and vegetables without a bloating effect.  We offer different sizes of our Philadelphia Organic crate for different sizes of families:

The small box is sufficient for 1 – 2 persons, the medium one for 3 – 4 persons and the large one for 3 – 5 persons.  Simply try out different variations to find out which size is the best for you! Usually we deliver you weekly, but a bi-weekly cycle is also possible, it`s up to you.

You can change or cancel the delivery at any time.

Home delivery on request:
– composition
– quantity
– delivery cycle
– Change and cancellation at any time

Do you have any further question?
Simply contact us during our office hours (or by email)!