The Philadelphia e.V. (registered association) 

The Philadelphia Work (association), which is the legal sponsor, is a denominationally free Christian work, based in Ditzingen.  “Philadelphia” is a biblical term, comes from the Greek language and means brotherly love. The goal of the association is to make the love of God known through word and deed. We are committed to help people experience practical help and this happens in different fields of work:

  • At the retirement and nursing home “Haus Friederike” in Ditzingen with 91 places for people in need of care and 11 apartments for senior citizens for assisted living.
  • At the Philadelphia children’s home in Murrhardt, a state-approved institution for youth welfare with 14 places for children.
  • For groups of children with different ages, in summer we organize holiday camps at our 120 beds leisure-centre in Murrhardt
  • and at our Bioland® farm with farm gardening and agriculture in Leonberg, and a by the quarterly free magazine “Philadelphia-Briefe” you get informed.


The work is supported by people who have been called by God into a binding community of life and service. In individual work areas, employees covered by collective agreements. Also by voluntary helpers, friends, prayers and donations.

For more information about the Philadelphia association, please visit: