Dear customers, dear friends,
Now it's the final spurt ...!

We are still open up to 12/24/2020 at 12 noon. Delivery boxes will be delivered until Wednesday December 23rd, 2020 (deliveries are postponed one day earlier). If you need a little more goods before Christmas, please order by Monday 21.12.2020 9.00 a.m.
We are on vacation from 12/24/2020 at 12 noon. In the new year we will open our doors again for you from January 18th, 2021! The first box delivery will start on January 19th, 2021 and then again as usual!
We would like to thank our customers very much for their loyalty and good cooperation, especially in this extraordinary year! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Your Bioland farming team!